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This is an advertisement from the Campaign for Tobacco-Free kids, who, along with a large portion of the public health establishment are spending big money to push false information out like this to try and make the public believe that adults don't like flavors.

Click here to see just what their message is and how they are making a serious attempt at making sure vapers will only be allowed tobacco flavors in the future.

Just in case anyone would get confused by this twisted and false information we have taken the time to re-write their text in the way we feel it should be presented.

For factual information, please visit CASAA, American Vaping Association, FDA Regs Info, and NOT Blowing Smoke.

Don't let the public health establishment take away your flavored e-cigs!

The Food and Drug Administration is finishing rules for e-cigarettes and vapor products - but some intelligent people in Congress are trying to prevent those destructive rules from becoming law before they even take effect.

Right now, Congress is finalizing next year's budget; there's currently a provision in a House spending bill that would exempt all e-cigarettes and vapor products already on the market from review by the FDA, just like the 2009 tobacco control act did for cigarettes. This would make it much harder for the FDA to destroy the thousands of American businesses that provide flavors like gummy bear and cotton candy to former smokers.

Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids and the public health establishment know that NOT changing the grandfather date is the easiest path to keep smokers from switching. They know that the FDA wants to ban flavors. They know they can take away your chosen Tobacco Harm Reduction solution and force you back to cigarettes.

It's ridiculous. And they need to know that we won't stand for it.

We need to prevent them from destroying 99.9% of the vapor industry.